I will start by leaving something clear, I have been an indie developer for 4 years, I have been playing for more than 30 years and as an indie I made sacrifices like selling my car to give my collaborators some cash to survive another month, I know how much it costs to make games and I have a Bachelor in digital production, this is not talking to someone who just came out from under a rock.

We must separate ourselves from the bad practices that have flooded the world of videogames, practices such as: DLC (at cost), Deluxe versions, day one, micro transactions, pay-to-win, season passes etc.

The micro transactions that have plagued the world of videogames were born as a way to make profitable the games that were given for free, mostly on mobile, but it worked so well, that they moved it no so slowly to the world of paid games and now It is the new standard that generates millions and millions for developers almost without additional efforts.

That is wrong! And what is bad is bad even if everyone does it, and what is good is good, even if nobody does it. Greed (sorry, but has no other name, we have the gallantry of face that the love of money is the center of this) is what has the world of video games where it is at this time.

There is too much anger among the players and it is clear that more anger has those who PAY for things, adult gamers and parents, who feel ripped off by this industry that is becoming more and more interested only in your money. We are clear that they are not all developers, but more and more are those who fall into this plethora of bad practices, we by nature say NO, we are first gamers and then developers, ethics is not a line clouded by money for us , it is something well marked and we pretend that it always stays that way.

With the #GoodGuysGameDevelopers movement we seek to make our philosophy clear and leave a well-marked point, so that in the future greed will come to the surface, users will bombard us and make us touch the floor with blows if needed, make it happen.

We do not seek to carry a flag and lead a crusade, just a movement; something that when users see it, they feel calm and have warranty that when they see that Hashtag, they know that their investment is safe and the study does not use bad practices, you will know that you will buy the game only once.

If other studios want to join, make it big and return to be the envy industry of the planet, they are all welcome!

Aldo “Arcanebits” Alain