Rediscovery TD the game with a social conscience is available , can save the alternate humanity of Dumbts Donald (not a Donald Trump Game) , Kim Kartrashanss , Jessicas Vibers , Maburros and other Stupoids struggling to fill the world with superficial standards , bad music , sports stinky events “Pay per View ” and politicians with cerebral diarrea and absurd ideas.  This may not be confused with a Donald Trump Game

Rediscovery TD, not a Donald Trump Game

Rediscovery TD

A fun and challenging Tower Defense game NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY TO: Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Justin Bieber, Kim Jong-un, Joseph Blatter, Kanye West or any alive or deceased person.

Get it on Google Play … Press HERE –>> REDISCOVERY TD

Remember: This is not a Donald Trump Video Game