May 17, 2016. 11:33AM
After a long thinking process and digesting our “weird testing mode” we have come to the final plan of improve the framework and other stuff in the game.
We are now in a Remove the Bad, Put the goodies in into the whole game, some things are going to change drastically and some other just a little bit.
It wasn’t an easy choice, being an indie team, delay the game huts a lot in the personal and the business side, but we are committed to release the best game possible and we will do it.

It will be a fun, funny and successful game.


January 31 2016: Done and DONE again, what final platfform shall be?

Wow a lot of things are happening, we had to change directions a couple of times, but we are finally back into the develop time line.

We heard our customers asking for better visuals and better controls we stop everything in order to accomplish this requests.

The visuals are quite different from the originals with plaid colors, and the controls where fixed in order to center the screen at the time you select a slot where you are going to place a tower.

This is how the first level look now:


Here is some of the Towers and Stupoids:

banner_kj_eng banner_kk_eng banner_kw_eng stats_guardian_angel_eng stats_kill_it_with_fire_eng

December 9 2015: Done and Done

Well the Engine its quite adapted and working, we have suffered a couple of hicups but there we go.

November 18 2015: FIFA

We have another character to replace a one who looked similar to Charile Sheen… its Soccer (FIFA) Related.

November 16 2015: Why Sheen? Why?

He got the news, Charlie Sheen its HIV+, and that affects our game, A LOT. You see, we had one character who look similar to him, and to avoid a flame war, we decided to remove him from the rooster, and seek another. Ciao!